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Great support for sick children


Thanks to our commitment and support, in cooperation with the championship team of Polish volleyball players, a new Charity Calendar of the Herosi (Heroes) Foundation has been published.

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ATA Finance supports LasNaZawsze (Forest Forever)


It is worth supporting an interesting and beneficial initiative, which is aimed at the protection of the environment, CO2 absorption, regeneration of natural forests and biodiversity in Poland.

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PrimeGlobal has been recognized

PrimeGlobal association has won two prizes – “Association of the Year” and “Sustainable Organization of the Year” – granted by the International Accounting Bulletin.
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Accountant Day 2020


Every day we work intellectually, this is why on the 9th of June, on the Accountant Day, we decided to practice our manual skills.

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Happy Easter!


Happy Easter and good health. Despite the limitations in personal contacts, let's be together!

From ATA Finance Team

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Information on the functioning of the office


Dear Sir or Madam, we care about your and our security.

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Purchase of protection measures against illness is an activity associated with the functioning of business


Information concerning the spreading coronavirus is worrying. Can the employer investing in protection measures include such expenses as tax deductible costs?

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Employees must pay tax for part of the insurance during the delegation


An employer providing insurance policies to employees under a delegation is obliged to add to the employee's income and to calculate and collect an advance on personal income tax, according to the rules laid down for taxation of income from employment.

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Who will benefit from the tax credit deduction as part of the fight against smog?


Only the owner or co-owner of the house is entitled to the relief related to expenses for ecological heating.

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A new ecological concession for everyone who has a house

The owner or co-owner of the house can deduct expenses for ecological heating from income.
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