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Annual information about downloaded PIT forms – the deadline expires at the end of February


By 28 February 2013, taxable persons are required to provide the tax office and to the taxpayer the PIT-11 concerning income obtained in 2012 by employees and other persons who collect from the taxable person remuneration classified as revenues from contractual employment e.g. remuneration for mandate contracts, contracts for work, fulfilling the function of a board member of a legal entity, or a management contract.

The PIT-11 form may be filed with a tax office in paper or electronic form. Instructions concerning sending tax forms in electronic forms are available on the website www.e-deklaracje.gov.pl. To file declarations in electronic form, the taxable person must file the UPL-1 form as paper copy in the tax office (power of attorney to sign a declaration filed via means of electronic communication using an electronic signature verified using a valid eligible certificate). A proof of sending PIT-11 to the tax office electronically is the Official Confirmation of Receipt (UPO). The Minister of Finance also recommends saving a copy of the sent document on the disk.

The taxable person can provide taxpayers with PIT-11 in paper or electronic form by email, using electronic signature.

PIT-11 is not prepared if the taxable person provided the taxpayer with the PIT-12 form, by 10 January 2013, obligating the taxable person to file the annual return for the taxpayer.